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Bridge & Dock Inspections

Natural and unnatural deterioration of dock and bridge piles can quickly become a major infrastructure issue. UTS personnel have many years of experience producing quality solutions for these serious problems. Pile Encapsulation has fast become the go-to fix for repairing structural piles back to, or above original specifications.

To remove the cost of lost time, UTS has had jackets fabricated for nearly any and all shaped or sized piles, with a total success rate, and will do the same for your specific project, all with zero loss of the use of your facilities.

Whether it’s HDPE Pile Wraps, Epoxy Grout Jackets or Rebar-Installed Pile Jackets, UTS employees have done it, and will produce the same results in a safe, efficient manner.

Please call 281-789-7198 or e-mail your requirements for a prompt quote.

Post Harvey Bridge Work
Post Harvey Bridge Damage