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UTS Diving
Underwater Technology Services is a highly skilled and motivated team here to assist you with all your commercial diving needs. As a company comprised of personnel with over 50 years of combined diving experience, UTS has focused its efforts on building its business on the foundation of commercial diving safety. All equipment and personnel continuously remain certified and well-trained in company operating policies and procedures, as well as industry regulations.

Our solution-driven processes, and applications to alleviate the risks associated with commercial diving have been implemented throughout many years of commercial diving experience and have accumulated to serve both our customers and employees.

Cooling Tower
Sediment removal and water treatment and clean water return to basin
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Ship Husbandry
Experienced ship owners and operators know in today's sensitive environment keeping a fleet shipshape takes more than just thorough planning.
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Blanking Sea Valves
When problems with sea valves happen, it is not always convenient to wait until the next drydocking. Therefore, it is…
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Pile Encapsulation
Bridge & Dock Inspections Damaged piles under piers, docks and bridges can mean disaster for city, state and industrial structures…
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Underwater Burning & Welding
With a combination of exothermic rods, electricity and pure oxygen, almost any material can be cut with our underwater burning…
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Pipeline Installation & Repair
Damaged or otherwise susceptible pipelines demand safe and timely attention.
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Our expertise, equipment and fast response has aided ship owners/operators to minimize loss and contain pollution all over the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast
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Watch footage of diver polishing propellers and hull cleaning.
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We are proficient in our craft. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what we strive for!